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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Blossfeldt, 9 books
Jean Le Pautre, 8 books
Augustus Pugin, 7 books
Carol Belanger Grafton, 7 books
Victoria and Albert Museum, 7 books
Gilles Demarteau, 6 books
M. P. Verneuil, 6 books
E. A. Séguy, 5 books
Charlene Tarbox, 5 books
Alois Riegl, 4 books
Priscilla Hauser, 4 books
Jane Iles, 4 books
James Kellaway Colling, 4 books
Eugène Grasset, 4 books
William Rowe, 3 books
Gerda Bengtsson, 3 books
Lewis, Frank., 3 books
Trish Burr, 3 books
J. Foord, 3 books
Lewis Foreman Day, 3 books
Helen M. Stevens, 3 books
Lindberg Press, 3 books
Alan Weller, 3 books
Ginger Edwards, 3 books
Richard G. Hatton, 3 books


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