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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jennifer Chiaverini, 39 books
Linda Causee, 20 books
Judy Martin, 14 books
Gwen Marston, 14 books
Nancy J. Martin, 13 books
Earlene Fowler, 12 books
Leslie Linsley, 11 books
Laura Nownes, 10 books
Debbie Mumm, 9 books
Mimi Dietrich, 8 books
Judy Hopkins, 8 books
Helen Squire, 8 books
Cheryl A. Benner, 8 books
Jinny Beyer, 8 books
Linda Seward, 8 books
Joyce Mori, 7 books
Marsha McCloskey, 7 books
Lynette Jensen, 7 books
Marie Bostwick, 7 books
Jodie Davis, 7 books
Rita Weiss, 7 books
Margaret Rolfe, 7 books
Kaffe Fassett, 7 books
Judy Florence, 7 books
Maggie Malone, 7 books


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