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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Castagno, 12 books
Georg Kaspar Nagler, 4 books
Ris-Paquot, 3 books
A. A. Turbayne, 3 books
Elizabeth Sprague, 3 books
Wilhelm Diebener, 3 books
Georges Duplessis, 2 books
Reiner, Imre, 2 books
Peter Nahum, 2 books
E. Bénézit, 2 books
Franz Brulliot, 2 books
Thérèse de Dillmont, 2 books
E. Bénézit, 2 books
Ludwig Petzendorfer, 2 books
Karl Erik Forsberg, 2 books
Malcolm Haslam, 2 books
Charles Le Blanc, 1 book
Shearjashub Spooner, 1 book
Takahashi, Kiyoshi, 1 book
Andreas Andresen, 1 book
D. G. Berri, 1 book
Suha Umur, 1 book
B. Borssuck, 1 book
Charles Cist, 1 book
Joseph Strutt, 1 book


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