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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gill Budgell, 36 books
Kate Ruttle, 35 books
Tom Gourdie, 14 books
Rosemary Sassoon, 14 books
Edward Cocker, 9 books
Donald N. Thurber, 8 books
Bickham, George, 8 books
Stanley Morison, 8 books
Anita Warwick, 8 books
Clinton S. Hackney, 8 books
Frank Nugent Freeman, 7 books
Ludovico degli Arrighi, 7 books
Scholastic, 7 books
Renee Cummings, 7 books
Alfred Fairbank, 7 books
Sue Peet, 7 books
Walter Burke Barbe, 6 books
Ruth Culham, 6 books
Giovanni Antonio Tagliente, 6 books
Martin Lee, 5 books
Palmer, A. N., 5 books
McDougal Littell, 5 books
Edward Johnston, 5 books
Ragnhild Oussoren, 5 books
A. S. Osley, 5 books


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