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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
John Jackman, 299 books
Hilary Frost, 178 books
Wendy Wren, 173 books
Sheryl Sloan, 172 books
Peter Sloan, 171 books
Joy Cowley, 85 books
Bill Domoney, 77 books
June Melser, 74 books
Krailing, Tessa, 70 books
Wendy Clemson, 70 books
Paul Harrison, 67 books
Keith Gaines, 66 books
David Clemson, 66 books
Liz Ransford, 63 books
Christine Symonds, 63 books
Paul Rogers, 63 books
Sylvia Honnor, 55 books
Tristram Shepard, 47 books
Bryan Goodman-Stephens, 45 books
George Odam, 43 books
Roy Jarratt, 43 books
Lol Briggs, 40 books
Alan Wesson, 38 books
Shirley Tully, 38 books
Heather Mascie-Taylor, 36 books


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