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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Hans-Georg Hoffmann, 26 books
Simon Greenall, 24 books
Wolfgang Halm, 21 books
H. Muller, 19 books
H Bock, 19 books
M Gerdes, 19 books
Gabriele Kopp, 19 books
Alessandro DeGiuli, 19 books
H AufderstraBe, 18 books
Evelyn Frey, 16 books
Heinz Griesbach, 16 books
Norbert Becker, 16 books
Albert Schmitz, 15 books
Edith Schmitz, 15 books
Til Schoenherr, 15 books
Linda Cusimano, 14 books
Monika Reimann, 14 books
Corrado Conforti, 14 books
R Luscher, 13 books
Birgit Abegg, 13 books
R Schapers, 12 books
Hans-Peter Apelt, 12 books
Siegfried Büttner, 12 books
Marie-Odile Buchschmid, 12 books
Mary L. Apelt, 12 books

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