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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
LEGGETT, 6 books
Ferring, 6 books
Jeremy Leggett, 5 books
H. Muller, 5 books
Miquel, 5 books
Sans, 5 books
Berger., 4 books
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, 4 books
Chih-p'ing Chou, 4 books
H Bock, 4 books
M Gerdes, 4 books
H AufderstraBe, 4 books
Jean-Jacques Sempé, 4 books
Lourdes Miquel, 4 books
H Seeger, 4 books
Th Vieth, 4 books
"Job", 4 books
Sinjan, 4 books
Spiegeleer, 4 books
Zhou, Zhiping, 4 books
Max-Moritz Medo, 4 books
Peter Schneider, 4 books
René Goscinny, 4 books
Jones - undifferentiated, 3 books
Muller, 3 books