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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Günter Grass, 59 books
György Lukács, 42 books
Christa Wolf, 35 books
Peter Härtling, 35 books
Gabriele Wohmann, 34 books
Anna Seghers, 33 books
Ernst Jandl, 26 books
Gabriele Wohmann, 26 books
Franz Hohler, 23 books
Herburger, Günter., 22 books
Marti, Kurt., 17 books
Germany, 14 books
Germany (West), 12 books
Kant, Hermann., 12 books
Carl Sternheim, 12 books
Helmut Heissenbüttel, 12 books
Ludwig Fels, 11 books
Max von der Grün, 11 books
Franz Hohler, 11 books
Helga M. Novak, 10 books
Michael Scharang, 10 books
Harald Hess, 10 books
Ullrich, Wolfgang, 9 books
Peter Bichsel, 9 books
Ulrike Draesner, 9 books

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