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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Max Planck, 7 books
Ludwig Klages, 6 books
Hermann von Helmholtz, 5 books
William Stern, 4 books
P. J. Möbius, 4 books
Wilfried Zeller, 4 books
Paul Barth, 4 books
Karl Barth, 4 books
Hugo Münsterberg, 4 books
Boltzmann, Ludwig, 4 books
Friedrich Gottlob Leonhardi, 4 books
Ernst Mach, 4 books
Otto Lipmann, 3 books
David Katz, 3 books
Philipp Lersch, 3 books
Karl Willy Wagner, 3 books
Rudolf Geissendörfer, 3 books
Erwin Reichenbach, 3 books
Edmund Hoppe, 2 books
Koch, Robert, 2 books
Friedrich Kainz, 2 books
Rudolf Eisler, 2 books
Erwin Schrödinger, 2 books
Sebald Rudolf Steinmetz, 2 books
Neumann, Otto, 2 books

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