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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Erich Fromm, 28 books
Xiren Tian, 24 books
Gordon W. Allport, 15 books
Eysenck, H. J., 15 books
Liqi Tang, 12 books
Robert M. Liebert, 11 books
Raymond B. Cattell, 11 books
Florence Littauer, 10 books
Ssu-chʻeng Hsieh, 10 books
A. A. Roback, 8 books
Calvin S. Hall, 7 books
Richard I. Evans, 7 books
Michael D. Spiegler, 6 books
Salvatore R. Maddi, 6 books
Lawrence A. Pervin, 6 books
Robert W. Lundin, 6 books
Louis Berman, 5 books
Maurice Nédoncelle, 5 books
Nuttin, Joseph, 5 books
Donn Erwin Byrne, 5 books
Tom Hatherley Pear, 5 books
Richard S. Lazarus, 5 books
Karen G. Duffy, 5 books
Seymour Fisher, 5 books
George Alexander Kelly, 5 books


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