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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Tournier, 11 books
Roy F. Baumeister, 10 books
Carl Gustav Jung, 8 books
Heinz Kohut, 8 books
Ulric Neisser, 5 books
Anthony Stevens, 5 books
Alan Watts, 5 books
Mark R. Leary, 5 books
Kundakunda., 5 books
James F. Masterson, 5 books
Richard P. Lipka, 4 books
Lavelle, Louis, 4 books
Stephan Strasser, 4 books
Charles Arthur Campbell, 4 books
D. M. McInerney, 4 books
A. H. Almaas, 4 books
Jiddu Krishnamurti, 4 books
Herbert W. Marsh, 4 books
Abraham Tesser, 4 books
Gergen, Kenneth J., 4 books
George Herbert Mead, 4 books
H. J. M. Hermans, 4 books
Rhonda Craven, 4 books
Thomas M. Brinthaupt, 4 books
Robyn Fivush, 4 books


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