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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
E. T. A. Hoffmann, 46 books
Hartmut Steinecke, 6 books
Palmer Cobb, 5 books
Harvey Waterman Hewett-Thayer, 4 books
Steven P. Scher, 3 books
Arthur Sakheim, 3 books
Hugo Walter, 3 books
James M. McGlathery, 3 books
Detlef Kremer, 3 books
Gerhard Weinholz, 3 books
Klaus Deterding, 3 books
Thomas Carlyle, 2 books
Jean Mistler, 2 books
Gustav Egli, 2 books
Ernst von Schenck, 2 books
Hans Ehinger, 2 books
Ronald Taylor, 2 books
Friedrich Schnapp, 2 books
Kenneth Negus, 2 books
Sarah Kofman, 2 books
Stefan Ringel, 2 books
Harvey W. Hewett-Thayer, 2 books
Eckart Klessmann, 2 books
Michael Gorlin, 2 books
Pierre Péju, 2 books


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