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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anonymous, 225 books
David Kirkby, 115 books
Ruth Merttens, 114 books
Scottish Primary Mathematics Group, 63 books
Mike Askew, 54 books
Sheila Ebbutt, 53 books
Helen Williams, 53 books
Penny Latham, 51 books
Sylvia Karavis, 48 books
Gill Matthews, 40 books
Jane Shuter, 35 books
Dee Reid, 26 books
Rose Griffiths, 24 books
Diana Bentley, 23 books
Sinclair MacLeod, 23 books
Paul Broadbent, 21 books
John Stringer, 20 books
Peter Clarke, 20 books
Martin Skelton, 20 books
Christina Rossiter, 18 books
DUDLEY, 18 books
Peter Patilla, 16 books
Rosemary Rees, 16 books
Bentley, 16 books
Alison Hawes, 15 books

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