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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
J. B. Steane, 7 books
David Hurwitz, 7 books
Daniel Felsenfeld, 5 books
John Bell Young, 5 books
Carol Montparker, 4 books
John Ardoin, 4 books
Victor Lederer, 4 books
Leonard Bernstein, 4 books
Abram Loft, 4 books
Karuna Sagar Behera, 3 books
Roberts, Paul, 3 books
Claus Schreiner, 3 books
Reinhard G. Pauly, 2 books
Kurt Honolka, 2 books
Madeleine Claus, 2 books
Lederer, Victor., 2 books
Jack Gottlieb, 2 books
Paul Jackson, 2 books
Claude Kenneson, 2 books
Demar Irvine, 2 books
Victor Lederer, 2 books
Mark A. Radice, 2 books
Robert Taub, 2 books
Joseph Polisi, 2 books
Nick Strimple, 2 books


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