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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Sale, 19 books
Ros Brawn, 19 books
Jacquetta Megarry, 16 books
Gillian Price, 11 books
D.A. Brawn, 11 books
Anthony Burton, 10 books
David Anthony Brawn, 10 books
Sandra Bardwell, 9 books
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 9 books
Martin Knowlden, 9 books
Ordnance Survey, 9 books
Dennis R. Kelsall, 9 books
Jan Kelsall, 9 books
Eileen Anderson, 9 books
Brian Anderson, 9 books
John Underwood, 7 books
John Brooks, 7 books
Pat Underwood, 7 books
Jean Pratt, 7 books
Geoff Pratt, 7 books
Rosamund Coreen Brawn, 6 books
Les Lumsdon, 6 books
Brian Conduit, 6 books
David Brawn, 5 books
John Curtis, 5 books


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