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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
American Automobile Association., 43 books
Gale Group, 32 books
Michelin Travel Publications, 21 books
Pneu Michelin (Firm), 20 books
Russell Mussio, 14 books
Maria Jose Lobo, 14 books
Pepita Subira, 14 books
Omar Villarreal, 14 books
Wesley Mussio, 13 books
Jarrold Baedeker, 12 books
Jason Marleau, 9 books
Gene Florence, 8 books
Printing, 8 books
Cathy Florence, 8 books
Jose Luis Morales, 8 books
Marina Kirac, 8 books
Mariela Belenda, 8 books
Martin Miller, 7 books
Thomas J. Glover, 7 books
Bartholomew (Firm), 7 books
Larry P. Bailey, 6 books
Judith Miller, 6 books
Na, 6 books
Microsoft Press, 6 books
Silvia Carolina Tiberio, 6 books


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