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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gale Group, 49 books
Allen Kent, 13 books
Dorland, 11 books
Sharon Rhodes, 11 books
Fritz E. Froehlich, 10 books
Barry Turner, 9 books
Randy Drake, 9 books
Parker, Steve., 9 books
Ellen Drake, 9 books
Judith Weiss, 8 books
Robin Kerrod, 7 books
David Pickering, 7 books
Morton P. Goldman, 7 books
Springhouse, 7 books
Gavin Hoole, 7 books
Marsha Porter, 7 books
Clive Gibson, 7 books
Mick Martin, 7 books
Larry P. Bailey, 6 books
Joseph V. Carcello, 6 books
Office for National Statistics, 6 books
Adrienne L. Woods, 6 books
Lora L. Armstrong, 6 books
Kendra A. Hovey, 6 books
Bata Passchier, 6 books


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