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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 20 books
Great Britain. Department for Work and Pensions, 9 books
Keith Smith, 8 books
Victor Mitchell, 8 books
Royal Automobile Club, 7 books
HMSO Books, 7 books
Central Office of Information, 7 books
Peter Fox, 6 books
Jane Shuter, 6 books
Martin Knowlden, 6 books
Rosemary Rees, 6 books
James Mason, 5 books
Sallie Purkis, 5 books
Hook, 5 books
Hughes, Pat, 4 books
David Taylor, 4 books
Kathleen Cox, 4 books
W. J. Bean, 4 books
Bartholomew (Firm), 4 books
John Matthews, 4 books
Peter Hall, 4 books
Tony Cutler, 4 books
Nigel Kelly, 4 books
Colin Bord, 4 books
D. L. Clarke, 4 books


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