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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Mayle, 33 books
Marcel Pagnol, 12 books
Jean Paul Clébert, 11 books
Honoré-Gabriel de Riquetti comte de Mirabeau, 9 books
Marie Mauron, 8 books
Rick Steves, 7 books
Carol Drinkwater, 6 books
Ford Madox Ford, 6 books
Charles de Ribbe, 5 books
Deborah Lawrenson, 5 books
Noël Coulet, 5 books
Paul Gaujac, 4 books
Maurice Pezet, 4 books
Leopardus de Fulgineo, 4 books
Darwin Porter, 4 books
Edouard Baratier, 4 books
Lawrence Durrell, 4 books
Bo Niles, 4 books
Martin Aurell, 4 books
Bridget Asher, 4 books
Thierry Pécout, 4 books
Camille Mauclair, 4 books
Marcel Brion, 3 books
Louis Bayle, 3 books
Laurent Dailliez, 3 books