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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stone, Robert, 39 books
Johnny Molloy, 33 books
Ron Adkison, 29 books
Erik Molvar, 25 books
Bruce Grubbs, 24 books
John McKinney, 24 books
Bill Schneider, 21 books
Ira Spring, 20 books
Jeffrey P. Schaffer, 20 books
Tracy Salcedo-Chourré, 19 books
Thomas Winnett, 16 books
Ann Marie Brown, 15 books
Don Lowe, 14 books
Suzanne Swedo, 13 books
Jerry Schad, 13 books
Michael R. Kelsey, 13 books
Harvey Manning, 12 books
Kathy Morey, 12 books
Rhonda Ostertag, 12 books
Keith Stelter, 12 books
Barbara McMartin, 12 books
Fred Barstad, 11 books
Allen Riedel, 11 books
Gerry Roach, 11 books
Tom Stienstra, 11 books


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