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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
F. S. Smythe, 18 books
Reinhold Messner, 18 books
American Alpine Club, 18 books
Chris Bonington, 16 books
Gaston Rébuffat, 15 books
Showell Styles, 14 books
Audrey Salkeld, 14 books
Steve Roper, 14 books
Edward Whymper, 13 books
Walt Unsworth, 12 books
David Stuart Roberts, 10 books
Chris Bonington, 10 books
Joe Simpson, 10 books
Ed Viesturs, 9 books
Sir Edmund Hillary, 9 books
Robin G. Collomb, 8 books
Jonathan Waterman, 8 books
Greg Child, 8 books
John Long, 8 books
Allen Steck, 8 books
John Cleare, 8 books
Kurt Diemberger, 8 books
César Augusto Pérez de Tudela, 8 books
Hamish MacInnes, 8 books
Eric Earle Shipton, 7 books


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