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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paddy Dillon, 48 books
Kev Reynolds, 22 books
Gillian Price, 19 books
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 17 books
Terry Marsh, 15 books
Sandra Bardwell, 13 books
Marilyn Straka, 12 books
Richard Sale, 10 books
AA Publishing, 10 books
Henry Stedman, 10 books
Brian Conduit, 10 books
Andrew Duncan, 9 books
Richard Jones, 8 books
Helen Fairbairn, 8 books
Chet Lipton, 8 books
Robert Sweetgall, 7 books
Cameron McNeish, 7 books
Dennis Kelsall, 7 books
Laura O. Foster, 7 books
Janette Norton, 7 books
Mary Welsh, 7 books
Leonard M. Adkins, 7 books
Alfred Wainwright, 7 books
Alan Fisher, 7 books
Hamish M. Brown, 7 books


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