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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rand McNally, 51 books
Zagat Publishers, 50 books
California State Automobile Association., 47 books
Nina S. Zagat, 44 books
American Automobile Association., 35 books
George McDonald, 33 books
Arthur Frommer, 31 books
Alexandra Mayes Birnbaum, 30 books
Eugene H. Zagat, 28 books
H.M. Gousha Co., 26 books
Peter Massey, 26 books
Jeanne Wilson, 26 books
Bob Sehlinger, 21 books
Karl Samson, 19 books
Berlitz Publishing Company, 18 books
Dave Marx, 16 books
John Bigley, 15 books
Paris Permenter, 15 books
Gerald Hill, 14 books
Barbara Laine, 14 books
Macmillan Publishing, 14 books
MacMillan General Reference, 14 books
H. M. Gousha, 14 books
Don Laine, 14 books
Thomas Preston, 13 books


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