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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gerald Hill, 11 books
Karl Samson, 11 books
Jane Aukshunas, 9 books
Erika Lenkert, 9 books
Cheryl, L Kirk, 9 books
Ned Friary, 8 books
Glenda Bendure, 8 books
Matthew R. Poole, 8 books
Macmillan Publishing, 7 books
Charles P. Wohlforth, 7 books
MacMillan General Reference, 7 books
Fodor's, 7 books
Tom Stienstra, 7 books
Ann Marie Brown, 7 books
Jerry Brown, 6 books
Kathleen Thompson Hill, 6 books
Jennifer Marx, 6 books
Dave Marx, 6 books
Fran Wenograd Golden, 6 books
Douglas Peebles, 6 books
Maxine Cass, 5 books
Ira Spring, 5 books
Thomas Preston, 5 books
Deke Castleman, 5 books
Dave Johnson, 5 books


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