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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
American Automobile Association., 39 books
Rand McNally, 17 books
Herbert S. Zim, 9 books
Bobbie Kalman, 8 books
Seeger Map Co, 8 books
George McDonald, 7 books
John James Audubon, 7 books
H.M. Gousha Co., 7 books
Arthur Frommer, 7 books
Bob Sehlinger, 6 books
April Pulley Sayre, 6 books
Nick Selby, 5 books
Carol M. Highsmith, 5 books
Alexandra Mayes Birnbaum, 5 books
Carol Highsmith, 5 books
Ted Landphair, 5 books
Michael Brown, 5 books
Gerald Hill, 4 books
Darwin Porter, 4 books
Danforth Prince, 4 books
Deke Castleman, 4 books
Bill Weir, 4 books
John Bigley, 4 books
Corinna Selby, 4 books
Julian de Dios, 4 books


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