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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Massey, 11 books
Don Laine, 11 books
Jeanne Wilson, 11 books
Barbara Laine, 10 books
Karl Samson, 7 books
Eric Peterson, 6 books
Erik Molvar, 6 books
Thomas Preston, 5 books
Lesley S. King, 5 books
Judy Jewell, 5 books
W. C. McRae, 5 books
Elizabeth Preston, 5 books
Roz Brown, 4 books
James Frank, 4 books
Jim Osterberg, 4 books
Scott Thybony, 3 books
Jane Aukshunas, 3 books
Lesley King, 3 books
Linda Cornett, 3 books
Mary Paganelli Votto, 3 books
Bert Gildart, 3 books
Jane Gildart, 3 books
Linda Castrone, 3 books
Seabring Davis, 3 books
Brian Hurlbut, 3 books


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