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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brock Thoene, 13 books
John Muir, 13 books
K. Leroy Dolph, 6 books
Francis Peloubet Farquhar, 5 books
Thomas Winnett, 5 books
Lee Roddy, 4 books
John Moynier, 4 books
Jeffrey Asher Nesbit, 4 books
Joseph Le Conte, 4 books
Warren J. Nokleberg, 3 books
Sherry Shahan, 3 books
Clarence King, 3 books
Karen Whitehill, 3 books
Robert Frohlich, 3 books
Raymond D. Ratliff, 3 books
Steve Roper, 3 books
Jennifer Bancroft, 2 books
Richard A. Schweickert, 2 books
Laura Crum, 2 books
Elizabeth L. Horn, 2 books
Jeffrey P. Schaffer, 2 books
Tim Palmer, 2 books
Joaquin Miller, 2 books
Sally Moser, 2 books
Carol Bonser, 2 books


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