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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chia-ying Yeh, 4 books
Erfu Tao, 4 books
Kuanzhong Huang, 3 books
Gaoping Zhang, 3 books
Zhu, Xi, 3 books
Ye, Jiaying., 2 books
Song, Xi, 2 books
Umehara, Kaoru, 2 books
Zhou, Mi, 2 books
Zhan, Antai., 2 books
Lu, You, 2 books
Huang, Wenji., 2 books
Yutang Li, 2 books
Jing-shen Tao, 2 books
Yangzhong Liu, 2 books
Xinhui He, 2 books
Yunyi Hu, 2 books
Song Xu, 2 books
Zhaopeng Wang, 2 books
Zong Xu, 2 books
Xiongxun Chen, 2 books
Zhai Mu, 2 books
Yongsheng Liu, 2 books
Wang, Fuzhi, 2 books
James T. C. Liu, 1 book


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