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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elspeth Campbell Murphy, 10 books
John Weemes, 9 books
Arthur Miller, 8 books
Johannes Nider, 7 books
Lancelot Andrewes, 7 books
John Dod, 7 books
Jean Calvin, 7 books
Thomas Aquinas, 6 books
Ezekiel Hopkins, 6 books
John Hooper, 5 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 5 books
John Joseph Hornyold, 5 books
Laura Schlessinger, 5 books
Ed Metzler, 5 books
James Durham, 5 books
Babington, Gervase Bishop of Worcester, 5 books
Martin Luther, 5 books
Enoch Pond, 4 books
Isaac Barrow, 4 books
James Thurber, 4 books
Lois Rock, 4 books
Gottschalk Hollen, 4 books
Simon Patrick, 4 books
H. Noldin, 3 books
Robert Frost, 3 books


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