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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martha Daugherty Latko, 13 books
Kenjiro Hata, 10 books
Stormie Omartian, 8 books
Taamo, 7 books
Kazuo Ishiguro, 6 books
Liz Kessler, 5 books
Marna Geyer Miller, 5 books
Lee Lozowick, 4 books
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 4 books
Pat Ordovensky, 4 books
Jolene Philo, 4 books
Marc H. Bornstein, 4 books
Naftali ben Yosef Yonah, 3 books
Anna Dewdney, 3 books
Stephanie Kallos, 3 books
Caragh M. O'Brien, 3 books
Dara Horn, 3 books
Mark Matlock, 3 books
Gary D. Chapman, 3 books
Irving E. Sigel, 3 books
H. Norman Wright, 3 books
Quin Sherrer, 3 books
David Levien, 3 books
Christopher Buckley, 3 books
Stacie Cockrell, 3 books


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