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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marshall H. Klaus, 5 books
T. Berry Brazelton, 5 books
Richard A. Gardner, 4 books
Lloyd DeMause, 3 books
Benjamin Spock, 3 books
Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer, 2 books
E. James Anthony, 2 books
W. Hugh Missildine, 2 books
Bennett Olshaker, 2 books
Hunt, David, 2 books
Alice Miller, 2 books
Ron Taffel, 2 books
Pete Earley, 2 books
Robert J. Ackerman, 2 books
Robert Melillo, 2 books
William Sears, 2 books
Onora O'Neill, 2 books
Gordon, Thomas, 2 books
Haim G. Ginott, 2 books
Alice Miller, 2 books
William Ruddick, 2 books
Alicia F. Lieberman, 2 books
Virginia Satir, 2 books
William T. Garrison, 1 book
Lorna Wing, 1 book


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