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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
School Mathematics Project., 78 books
Roy Edwards, 35 books
Mary Edwards, 21 books
Alan Ward, 20 books
Rose A. McDonnell, 19 books
Sharon Harrison, 18 books
Anne V. Burrows, 18 books
Sue Atkinson, 18 books
Catherine D. Le Tourneau, 17 books
Jean Clark, 15 books
Alice Dickson, 15 books
Barbara Hewett, 15 books
Laurie Rousham, 15 books
Barbara White, 15 books
Gaynor Cozens, 14 books
Cheryl Ann Thomas, 14 books
Paul Harrison, 12 books
Jane Crowden, 12 books
Alan Smith, 11 books
Ted Marks, 11 books
Steve Lewis, 11 books
Jeanette Mumford, 10 books
JUMP Math, 10 books
John Mighton, 10 books
David Cross, 10 books


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