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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
School Mathematics Project., 66 books
Paul Rogers, 42 books
Alan Wesson, 41 books
Bryan Goodman-Stephens, 35 books
Sylvia Honnor, 34 books
Heather Mascie-Taylor, 32 books
Nigel Heslop, 32 books
Lol Briggs, 31 books
Daniele Bourdais, 30 books
David Brodie, 28 books
Rosi McNab, 26 books
Parker, Steve., 26 books
School Mathematics Project, 26 books
Gareth Williams, 25 books
David Baker, 25 books
Sue Adamson, 24 books
Colin Christie, 24 books
Eleanor Mayes, 24 books
diana mcguiness, 24 books
Sue Finnie, 23 books
Barbara Job, 23 books
Paul Hogan, 23 books
Anneli McLachlan, 22 books
Michael Buckby, 22 books
Kim Richardson, 21 books


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