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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ann Montague-Smith, 19 books
Alan Davies, 18 books
Denyse Ritchie, 18 books
Peter Patilla, 14 books
Joe Boyd, 14 books
Kate Ruttle, 14 books
Paul Broadbent, 14 books
Walter Whitelaw, 14 books
Lesley Cameron, 14 books
Sheilah Jackson, 14 books
Richard Brown, 12 books
William F. Burger, 12 books
Blake E. Peterson, 12 books
Gary L. Musser, 12 books
John Hickey, 10 books
Alan Brown, 9 books
Louis Fidge, 8 books
Roy Barber, 8 books
Gill Matthews, 7 books
Noreen Wetton, 7 books
Lynn Lancaster, 7 books
Suzanne Edwards, 7 books
John Stringer, 6 books
Sylvia Wright, 6 books
Paul Harrison, 6 books


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