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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Katie Kubesh, 98 books
Kimm Bellotto, 97 books
Niki Mcneil, 95 books
Kate Ruttle, 54 books
Teacher Created Materials, 52 books
Richard Brown, 40 books
Joy Evans, 38 books
School Mathematics Project., 36 books
Jo E. Moore, 29 books
Cooper, 23 books
Gill Budgell, 19 books
Jo Ellen Moore, 19 books
Julia Ann Hobbs, 19 books
Various, 18 books
William F. Burger, 18 books
Blake E. Peterson, 18 books
Gary L. Musser, 18 books
Carla Dawn Fisher, 17 books
Judy Herr, 16 books
Vincent Douglas, 16 books
Timothy Rasinski, 15 books
School Mathematics Project, 14 books
Lincoln Bergman, 13 books
Greenwood, 13 books


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