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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Demosthenes, 32 books
Lysias., 17 books
Isocrates, 16 books
Aeschines., 9 books
Dio Chrysostom., 6 books
Demosthenes, 5 books
Antiphon, 4 books
Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint, 4 books
Libanius., 4 books
Thucydides, 4 books
Lysias, 4 books
Hyperides., 3 books
Laurent Pernot, 3 books
Johann Jacob Reiske, 3 books
Pliny the Younger, 3 books
Jebb, Richard Claverhouse Sir, 2 books
Aelius Aristides, 2 books
Yun Lee Too, 2 books
Apollodoros, 2 books
Friedrich Wilhelm Blass, 2 books
Gregory, 2 books
Isaeus, 2 books
Nicole Loraux, 2 books
Francisco Cortés Gabaudán, 1 book
Lionel Ignacius Cusack Pearson, 1 book


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