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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Havelock Ellis, 16 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 16 books
Tomás Sánchez, 16 books
Robinson, William J., 9 books
Iwan Bloch, 9 books
O. S. Fowler, 8 books
Wilhelm Reich, 8 books
Lester Allen Kirkendall, 7 books
Alan Soble, 7 books
Ira L. Reiss, 7 books
Joseph ben Solomon Calahora, 6 books
Jeffrey Weeks, 6 books
René Guyon, 6 books
Robert T. Francoeur, 6 books
Bertrand Russell, 5 books
Otto A. Piper, 5 books
B. G. Jefferis, 5 books
Josh McDowell, 5 books
William J. Taverner, 5 books
Pope John Paul II, 5 books
Dalin Liu, 5 books
Winfield Scott Hall, 5 books
Steven Seidman, 5 books
May, William E., 5 books
Sheila Jeffreys, 5 books


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