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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Hooper, 45 books
Violet Blue, 17 books
Ruth K. Westheimer, 15 books
Barbara Keesling, 13 books
Tracey Cox, 13 books
Sourcebooks, Inc., 13 books
Nitya Lacroix, 13 books
Phillip Hodson, 12 books
Lisa Sussman, 11 books
Pam Spurr, 11 books
Yvonne K. Fulbright, 11 books
Vātsyāyana, 10 books
Susan Crain Bakos, 10 books
Alex Comfort, 9 books
Emily Dubberley, 9 books
Marc Dannam, 9 books
Sol Gordon, 8 books
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, 8 books
Mantak Chia, 8 books
Andrew Stanway, 8 books
Laura Berman, 7 books
Richard Craze, 7 books
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, 7 books
Clifford Penner, 7 books
Tristan Taormino, 7 books


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