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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Han, Tianheng, 12 books
Weizu Sun, 11 books
Luo, Fuyi, 8 books
Qi, Baishi, 8 books
Changshuo Wu, 7 books
Mufu Huang, 7 books
Baishi Qi, 7 books
Yiwei Ye, 7 books
Xi ling yin she, 7 books
Gu gong bo wu yuan (China), 7 books
Qian, Juntao., 6 books
Deng, Sanmu., 6 books
Liu, Jiang., 6 books
Gustave Léon Schlumberger, 6 books
Demay, Germain, 6 books
Nahman Avigad, 6 books
Yiwen Liu, 6 books
Menghai Sha, 6 books
Rika Gyselen, 6 books
Gale Pedrick, 5 books
Wu, Yiren., 5 books
Nicolas Oikonomides, 5 books
Dun Huang, 5 books
Rencong Wang, 5 books
Peizhi Wang, 5 books


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