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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mircea Zaciu, 14 books
Paul Cornea, 13 books
Al Piru, 13 books
Mircea Anghelescu, 11 books
Nicolae Iorga, 10 books
Tudor Vianu, 10 books
Mircea Muthu, 9 books
Henri Zalis, 9 books
Monica Lovinescu, 9 books
Cornel Regman, 9 books
Gabriel Dimisianu, 9 books
Nicolae Manolescu, 9 books
Mircea Iorgulescu, 8 books
Dumitru Micu, 8 books
Z. Ornea, 8 books
Victor Crăciun, 8 books
Lucian Raicu, 8 books
Ion Negoițescu, 8 books
Teodor Vârgolici, 8 books
Florea Firan, 7 books
Eugen Simion, 7 books
Mihai Cimpoi, 7 books
Irina Petraș, 7 books
Gheorghe Grigurcu, 7 books
Ion Dodu Bălan, 6 books


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