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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alan Sinfield, 10 books
Stanley Fish, 7 books
Sarnov, B., 7 books
M. Keith Booker, 6 books
John Rodden, 6 books
Edward W. Said, 6 books
Harold Bloom, 6 books
Kevin Sharpe, 6 books
Jeanyves Guérin, 6 books
Nilda Susana Redondo, 5 books
Cary Nelson, 5 books
Andrew Hadfield, 5 books
Terry Eagleton, 5 books
Vitaliĭ Shentalinskiĭ, 5 books
Conal Condren, 5 books
J. Peter Euben, 5 books
Michael Keren, 5 books
Jennifer Greiman, 5 books
Gisèle Sapiro, 5 books
Steven N. Zwicker, 5 books
Armitage, David, 4 books
Beck, John, 4 books
Elizabeth Sauer, 4 books
Klaus Amann, 4 books
Jonathan Dollimore, 4 books


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