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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Panait Istrati, 7 books
Catalin Pavel, 6 books
Mircea Handoca, 6 books
Florentin Popescu, 5 books
Radu Petrescu, 5 books
Alexandru Oprea, 4 books
Monica Lovinescu, 4 books
Călinescu, George, 4 books
Sadoveanu, Mihail, 4 books
Al Săndulescu, 4 books
Florentin Smarandache, 4 books
Mircea Eliade, 4 books
Mihai Ungheanu, 4 books
Paul Goma, 4 books
Teodor Vârgolici, 4 books
Șerban Cioculescu, 4 books
Alexandru Odobescu, 3 books
Ion Bălu, 3 books
Florea Firan, 3 books
Mircea Micu, 3 books
Bujor Nedelcovici, 3 books
Alexandru George, 3 books
Rebreanu, Liviu, 3 books
Florin Mugur, 3 books
Alexandru Raicu, 3 books


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