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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Liza Charlesworth, 9 books
Yanitzia Canetti, 7 books
Pie Corbett, 4 books
Opal Dunn, 3 books
Vladimir Stepanov, 2 books
Sarah Williams, 2 books
Judy Sierra, 2 books
Jackie Silberg, 2 books
Zita Newcome, 2 books
Samantha Berger, 2 books
Linda Armstrong, 2 books
Ricky Kane, 2 books
Ewan McVicar, 2 books
Betsy Franco, 2 books
Carol Thompson, 2 books
Jenny Wood, 2 books
Ruth I. Dowell, 2 books
Liza Charlesworth, 2 books
Joanna Cole, 2 books
John Foster, 2 books
Ninglin Huang, 2 books
Maclean., 1 book
Robert Heidbreder, 1 book
Jane K. Manning, 1 book
Philippe Dumas, 1 book


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