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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Moira Kemp, 8 books
Marc Tolon Brown, 6 books
Henry Bursill, 5 books
Marilyn J. Woody, 5 books
Hawkins, Colin., 4 books
Toni Goffe, 3 books
Liz Wilmes, 3 books
Robin Currie, 3 books
Jane Cobb, 3 books
Clare Beaton, 3 books
Annie Kubler, 3 books
Priscilla Lamont, 3 books
Kay Cooper, 3 books
Victor Effendi Bertrand, 3 books
Pattie Silver-Thompson, 3 books
Adam Stemple, 2 books
Mary Jackson Ellis, 2 books
Jane Yolen, 2 books
Liz Cromwell, 2 books
Daphne Doward Hogstrom, 2 books
Joanna Cole, 2 books
Pamela Byrne Schiller, 2 books
Will Hillenbrand, 2 books
Margot C. Griego, 2 books
Susan Hagen Nipp, 2 books


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