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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Quinlan B. Lee, 40 books
Joanne D. Meier, 30 books
Cecilia Minden, 21 books
Wiley Blevins, 21 books
Gail Rice, 13 books
Barbara W. Makar, 11 books
Sonia Sander, 10 books
Francie Alexander, 10 books
Brian P. Cleary, 9 books
Cindy Chapman, 9 books
Sasha Quinton, 9 books
Nora Gaydos, 8 books
Donald R. Bear, 8 books
LeapFrog (Firm), 8 books
Sue Lloyd, 7 books
Sara Wernham, 7 books
Janelle Cherrington, 7 books
Patrick Merrell, 7 books
Paul Orshoski, 7 books
Barbara J. Fox, 6 books
Liza Charlesworth, 6 books
Patty Carratello, 6 books
Cynthia Belnap, 6 books
Sam Hay, 6 books
Louis Krane, 6 books


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