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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John R. Sabin, 18 books
Raymond Daudel, 9 books
Jean-Louis Calais, 7 books
R. McWeeny, 6 books
M. G. Veselov, 5 books
Roy McWeeny, 5 books
Jean Maruani, 5 books
David B. Cook, 5 books
Erkki Brändas, 5 books
Robert G. Parr, 5 books
Jay Martin Anderson, 4 books
Heinzwerner Preuss, 4 books
Linus Pauling, 4 books
Thomas Engel, 4 books
P. W. Atkins, 4 books
Ira N. Levine, 4 books
Valerio Magnasco, 4 books
Mihai V. Putz, 4 books
Michael C. Zerner, 4 books
Thomas Engel, 4 books
Eugene S. Kryachko, 3 books
Volkhard May, 3 books
Jens Peder Dahl, 3 books
Peter Schwerdtfeger, 3 books
Rudolf Zahradník, 3 books


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