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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Greenspan, 7 books
J. M. Drake, 6 books
J. Klafter, 6 books
Raphael D. Levine, 5 books
I. G. Kaplan, 3 books
Volkhard May, 3 books
M. Baer, 3 books
Giovanni Ciccotti, 3 books
Oswald H. Blackwood, 3 books
Robert W. Field, 3 books
Joel F. Liebman, 3 books
Arthur Greenberg, 3 books
Gert D. Billing, 3 books
Royal Society of Chemistry, 3 books
David Yarkony, 3 books
Michel Mareschal, 3 books
R. D Mountain, 3 books
Andrew Cooksy, 3 books
M. P. Allen, 2 books
Lloyd L. Lee, 2 books
Hansen, C. Frederick, 2 books
Walter E. Thirring, 2 books
Mike Finnis, 2 books
Abraham Nitzan, 2 books
Ahmed H. Zewail, 2 books


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