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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David R. Bates, 7 books
Benjamin Bederson, 6 books
E. Arimondo, 6 books
Peter J. W. Debye, 5 books
Linus Pauling, 5 books
Alan Hinchliffe, 5 books
P. Swings, 4 books
I. Estermann, 4 books
Norman H. March, 4 books
Kondratʹev, V. N., 3 books
Volkhard May, 3 books
Gaetano Castelfranchi, 3 books
Jens Peder Dahl, 3 books
P. J. Wheatley, 3 books
Faraday Society., 3 books
E. Cartmell, 3 books
W. J. Orville-Thomas, 3 books
Richard Daniel Kleeman, 3 books
Albert Einstein, 3 books
Hans-Dieter Höltje, 3 books
Donald Greenspan, 3 books
Enrico Fermi, 3 books
H. Walther, 3 books
Benjamin Chu, 3 books
Gerhard Herzberg, 3 books


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