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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur Greenberg, 6 books
Joel F. Liebman, 5 books
Linus Pauling, 4 books
J. M. Drake, 4 books
Danail Bonchev, 3 books
Norman L. Allinger, 3 books
P. W. Atkins, 3 books
W. G. Richards, 3 books
Chérif F. Matta, 3 books
Paul G. Mezey, 3 books
L. V. Vilkov, 2 books
Carl Johan Ballhausen, 2 books
Eric V. Anslyn, 2 books
Philip R. Bunker, 2 books
Clark, Tim, 2 books
William Harvey McNairn, 2 books
Istvan Hargittai, 2 books
Stephen Neidle, 2 books
Valerio Magnasco, 2 books
Binghe Wang, 2 books
Jack Barrett, 2 books
E. Clementi, 2 books
J. Klafter, 2 books
R. Kopelman, 2 books
R. Holland Cheng, 2 books


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