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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. B. Rhine, 4 books
Sheila Ostrander, 4 books
Brian Inglis, 4 books
Frederick Bligh Bond, 3 books
Hereward Carrington, 3 books
Stan Gooch, 3 books
Henri van Praag, 3 books
Lyall Watson, 3 books
Camille Flammarion, 2 books
Richet, Charles Robert, 2 books
Broad, C. D., 2 books
Bender, Hans, 2 books
Léon Denis, 2 books
Yun, Hai., 2 books
Martin Ebon, 2 books
Peter Brookesmith, 2 books
Emile Boirac, 2 books
Whitley Strieber, 2 books
Donovan Hilton Rawcliffe, 2 books
Jane Roberts, 2 books
Edgar Cayce, 2 books
Lynn Schroeder, 2 books
Martin Gardner, 2 books
Colin Wilson, 2 books
Sir William F. Barrett, 2 books


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